scowls and faces into the cold, whipping wind


frankensteins everywhere at this time of year

theyre makin their way to the old frankenstein spawning grounds


bodybuilding competitions

okay, first of all, thank you lia for that excellent pun

but, also, i really like how there are certain words that have just been. changed, forever, by jarjammed

like “frankensteins”

i can’t think of any others off the top of my head, but. frankensteins.

/whispers “taking tea” into the wind

also, “rice”



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Straight guys get legally married in New Zealand for rugby tickets


Marriage equality was legalized in New Zealand last year, making dreams come true for all the loving same-sex couples whose relationships can finally be recognized and honored. And for all the straight bros looking to win tickets to a rugby match. 

A New Zealand radio station, The Edge, launched a contest last month called “Love You Man” in order to “see how far two best male friends would go” to win tickets to next year’s Rugby World Cup. The winners, Travis McIntosh and Matt McCormick, won by getting legally married. 

Alex Greenwich, a member of the Australian Parliament and former leader of the group Australian Marriage Equality, expressed his disapproval to the Sydney Morning Herald.

"It essentially makes a mockery of marriage. Marriage is a really important institution about love and commitment and it’s sad to see that there are people who are making a joke out of that,” he said. “Gay and lesbian people are fighting for the right to marry in Australia and have been fighting for the right in New Zealand, and it’s because they take marriage extremely seriously, and the commitments and responsibilities that come with that. Here are two straight guys making a joke of that, and that’s deeply concerning.”

McIntosh downplayed the backlash, telling the New Zealand Herald: “We are not here to insult anyone. We are here to do our own thing and travel our own path.”

Okay, so these guys are perfectly within their legal right to get married if it’s allowed in their country, but…really? Something we’ve been demanding for decades, and you’re mocking it to win a contest? Really?

No. I don’t see a mockery, I don’t see a problem, and I support Mr. McIntosh and Mr. McCormick’s right to marry. 

We have fought, and in some places are still fighting, so that anyone can marry a person of the same legal gender.

Not just gay and lesbian people, not just people of the Right Sexuality for the right reasons. Not just people who are queer enough, committed enough, oppressed enough, getting married for the right reasons. Everyone means everyone

And in the lucky places where we’ve won? Criticizing people who’ve chosen to marry for whatever damn reason gets you nowhere. They are consenting adults entering a legal contract. People get straight married for stupid reasons too - how long is the double standard supposed to last?

No. I support marriage equality because I believe that anyone has the right to marry anyone they please. Anyone. Not because I believe that committed, monogamous, non-divorcing, same-gender sexual-romantic partnerships should be elevated at the expense of us other queer folk. 

This reminds me a lot of John Scalzi’s amazingly eloquent article on the topic, which was written a bit over ten years ago.

His observation is that the mere fact that he has no intention of marrying another man does not in any way invalidate his desire to have the right to marry another man. And that’s a really deep and fundamental observation, and I think it is correct.

20 years ago, one of my cousins married a friend of hers so he could go to school in the US. no one raised an eyebrow, because they looked like a heterosexual couple, even though they were just bros and everyone knew there was no romantic relationship between them. they were not required to pretend to be in love. it wasn’t a secret that they married so he wouldn’t get deported. everyone who knew them was like “hell yes, you go mexican med student, we’re rooting for you, and good on you american student for being such a good bro.”

true marriage equality means same-sex pairs being allowed the same rights, and that includes marriages of convenience. marriages for tax purposes, for family alliances, for immigration rights. and yes, for fucking rugby tickets.

hell, if you’re close enough with your best friend that you don’t mind marrying them, your bro-ship is closer than a lot of het marriages out there. i say go for it.




"national coming out day" hurts queer kids and endorses a reality where being in the closet is considered cowardly. please don’t support it.

it’s a day in which dy-cishet friends get ally points for outing people without their consent. it’s a day where closeted kids have to worry about justifying their existence without putting that existence in danger. it’s a day where people who can’t or won’t come out for whatever reason are thrown under the bus at every opportunity.

it’s a day for self-congratulatory allies; not for us.


Tech Writer Clive Thompson: “The world of fanfiction is the most technologically explosive thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”


The leading flank in discovering how to use technology in cool, interesting, thoughtful ways will generally always be the amateurs. […]

I have a whole theory, actually, that the world of fan fiction is the most technologically explosive thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Every single technology that has come along, fan fiction people have come along and colonized it and stress-tested it and found the most amazing things. They were the first people to realize the potential of meta-tagging and bookmarking sites. Like, here’s a link with four tags, and then you go to a fan fiction person, and they have a link, and it has 70 tags. They are pushing this to absolute limit, and they are finding these amazing ways to sort knowledge.

It’s all because they’re passionate and nobody is making any money off of it and they don’t want to make any money off of it. They get some amazing stuff done. If you’re ever wondering about a future technology, just drop what you’re doing and find out what fan fiction people are doing with it. What are fan fiction people doing right now with WhatsApp? I don’t know. But, whatever it is, it’s the future. 

- SXSW Interview: Author Clive Thompson Explains FOMO, the NSA, and His Latest Book, “Smarter Than You Think” (x)




reasons why halloween is the best holiday:

  1. you are not obliged to visit your relatives
  2. you are not obliged to get gifts for anyone
  3. people will give you candy for absolutely no reason other than halloween
  4. its the only day when its socially acceptable to go out in public dressed like a penguin