By 1908, concerned men and women could complete a psychometric test, ‘Am I At All a Uranian?’, answer questions such as ‘Do you whistle well, and naturally like to do so? Do you feel at ease in the dress of the opposite sex? Are you peculiarly fond of Wagner?’ and calculate the nature of their sexual identity in terms of percentage points.

Matthew Sweet, Inventing the Victorians

At the SDCC panel, John Logan mentioned this book as a “Bible” for reference in writing his scripts for Penny Dreadful.

Suddenly Dorian’s line to Ethan in “Demimonde” about “I’d ask you if you’d heard Wagner before, but you’d just say no” got 1000x funnier.

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You may wonder: who is the biggest nerd in The Dresden Files?

Is it our titular hero, Harry? Is it that loveable geek, Butters? Is it maybe even that spirit who lives in a skull, Bob?

No, the answer is simple. It’s Malcolm, the single-father magician, who upon having a child apparently thought something along the lines of,

"I have a son.

I could name him after a magician.

I could name him after three magicians.”

Things I want from the next main-timeline Ace Attorney game:

  • Franziska as an interpol liason
  • interaction between Franziska and Klavier
  • interaction between Franziska and Simon
  • the reveal that Athena’s “Mr. Wright helped me study for the bar in Europe” means “he arranged for Franziska to be my mentor”
  • Franziska yelling at Miles for going along with the popular idea that the Dark Age of the Law has its roots in the State v. Enigmar and State v. Blackquill cases and not, oh, the last fifty years of prosecutorial policy
  • Franziska and Pearl awkwardly broing it up
  • Franziska
  • Ms. von Karma
  • The prosecutor from JFA
  • Fʀᴀɴᴢɪsᴋᴀ ᴠᴏɴ Kᴀʀᴍᴀ