12:21am April 22, 2014

The hilarity that is Toph.

6:35pm April 19, 2014

ok but now that I’m thinking about it a Circle of Magic ‘verse/Avatar crossover with Evumeimei Dingzai and Toph Bei Fong would be really interesting

because on the one hand, I think that if they gave each other a chance, Evvy and Toph would get along? They’re about the same age and they’re both scrappy and no nonsense and stubborn, and Evvy’s stone-focused ambient magic and Toph’s earthbending are similar enough that they’d enjoy comparing them and different enough that they’d enjoy showing off (Evvy wouldn’t be able to work with dirt or refined metal the way Toph can; Toph can’t communicate with rock or work symbolic magic on stones the way Evvy can).

but on the other hand… well, they’re both runaways, but Toph was running from a life of stifling privilege in the full awareness that her powers would make her valuable to the people she chose to associate with, whereas Evvy escaped from the slavery that her own impoverished parents sold her into in order to feed her other siblings, and learned to depend on her powers out of sheer desperation, months before she understood what her powers were or even, really, that she had them. Evvy would have a lot of trouble trusting Toph, and I’m not entirely sure Toph would even fully understand why.

11:35am March 18, 2014

Ok I keep seeing people positing Prince Zuko as Fire Elsa and I’m kind of disappointed that no one seems to have recognized that the real humor in that is that, by extension, it implies Azula as Anna.

Do you wanna light someone on fi~re?

2:26pm December 15, 2013

Aggressive/Dramatic Zuko that make me giggle.

6:03pm October 6, 2013

Excuse me, Sokka.
Did Toph stutter?


Excuse me, Sokka.

Did Toph stutter?

4:13pm September 4, 2013


Watch the review!


11:21pm July 25, 2013



The 5 times Sokka forgot Toph was blind and the time he didn’t.

oh, ok. i’ll just cry now, thanks.

10:55am July 21, 2013







How could you guys not see it?
They were stuck together a LOT in Book 1. They’re BFF jills/fuck buddies what


what does this meannnnnn

it looks like poor bolin is gonna be all confused come book 2.

poor beebs.

Honestly all I want from Book 2 is Bolin and Asami being awesome together while Korra and Mako sit in separate corners and think about what they’ve done.

5:20pm May 28, 2013

Ok AtLA fandom real talk time: Aang, Buddhism and fandom problems


in my admittedly short time in this fandom i’ve noticed an annoying and disturbing trend, and it has to do with how Aang is treated, characterized in fanworks, dismissed or harshly crtiqued. Granted i think the fact that a lot of these critiques come from zutara shippers is telling, and also saddening because as someone who ships Zutara, the Aang-hate has completely soured the shipping community for me (among other things). But I also think the way fandom perceives Aang has a lot to do with ethnocentrism, and the way we’ve all inculcated Christian storytelling tropes and good vs.evil dichotomies.

HERE is a great and illustrated example of this white Western trope using Miyazaki’s words.

I was initially gonna have this meta be about Aang and how understanding Buddhism is a key component to understanding Aang, but in light of some recent stuff I’ve read/seen I feel like I need to go point by and point and deconstruct some of the common fandom “issues” with Aang.

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2:38pm May 18, 2013


I literally gasped