but if you sell your soul to a demon in return for being immortal do you just become soulless after a decade?





i’m not 100% sure what’s going in Supernatural right now, all I know is that if Bobby were still alive Dean wouldn’t be a demon for more than two and a half episodes.

Well, they actually have a demon-cure at this point that would almost certainly work - at the end of last season they almost cured Crowley but then Sam was dying for metaphysical bullshit reasons that were tied to the cure but not directly caused by it so they stopped. Presumably now that Sam is healed up from that and not half-dead from the other trials, he’d be able to safely cure Dean.

Bobby probably would have figured out how to finish curing Crowley - and, consequently, seal Hell forever - without killing Sam in the first place, though.



Word gets around through kids of hunters and kids of the things they sometimes hunt. If you find yourself in a bind, the emergency type stuff. Ya know, dad’s on a hunt and hasn’t been home in a few days, type stuff. Or on the other side of it, somethings been hunting us for a few days and we haven’t heard from mom. You don’t need a crossroads. You don’t need grave dirt and cat bones. That’s just gross and uncalled for okay. Find yourself a box, put a marble, a feather, whatever else you want in it. (dean does trades not deals. he’ll take whatever you want to give him) Draw a D.W. on the top of it and bury it wherever you can. He doesn’t care if you have to bury it in a pile of dirty clothes. Dean will always show up.

He has jars full of marbles on shelves lining his bedroom walls. He gives all the feathers to Cas.