All right. 

Today’s Clockwork Dolls. Completely unrelated to the Clockwork Quartet, but similar style. All their songs depict a story, and this one happens to be about a bar owner whose, as she says, “establishment has been destroyed” by two hooligans. She retells the story trying to come out as the innocent through it all. 

It’s a fun song and the first one I heard of this band. Thought I’d share that. 



Glory (Blood in the Skies Mix) - The Clockwork Dolls.

“Do you dream of glory, lost among the stars? 
We’ll prove them wrong, we’ll go too far.”

I’ve never heard anyone cast a feeling of sheer, unadulterated triumph as well as The Clockwork Dolls. An anthem for pirates, thieves, explorers of land and sea and sky, dreamers and all their fellows.