ok but now that I’m thinking about it a Circle of Magic ‘verse/Avatar crossover with Evumeimei Dingzai and Toph Bei Fong would be really interesting

because on the one hand, I think that if they gave each other a chance, Evvy and Toph would get along? They’re about the same age and they’re both scrappy and no nonsense and stubborn, and Evvy’s stone-focused ambient magic and Toph’s earthbending are similar enough that they’d enjoy comparing them and different enough that they’d enjoy showing off (Evvy wouldn’t be able to work with dirt or refined metal the way Toph can; Toph can’t communicate with rock or work symbolic magic on stones the way Evvy can).

but on the other hand… well, they’re both runaways, but Toph was running from a life of stifling privilege in the full awareness that her powers would make her valuable to the people she chose to associate with, whereas Evvy escaped from the slavery that her own impoverished parents sold her into in order to feed her other siblings, and learned to depend on her powers out of sheer desperation, months before she understood what her powers were or even, really, that she had them. Evvy would have a lot of trouble trusting Toph, and I’m not entirely sure Toph would even fully understand why.







disabled princesses and disabled superheroes are so important where the fuck are they


This is Toph. She is not disabled. She is awesome. Try again.

That is Toph. She IS disabled. She is also awesome. The two are not mutually exclusive. 

If Toph could read that she’d appreciate the sick burn.

Toph Bei Fong is actually really important because she’s a blind super-powered hero whose powers do not cancel out her blindness. She’s hyper-competent, and in ways that a non-earthbending blind person would not be, but she’s not using anything that isn’t equally available to a sighted earthbender and it’s not a direct replacement for sight, and depending on vibrations in the ground the way she does opens her up to other vulnerabilities -  her feet are more susceptible to injury because she has to go barefoot, and it takes her longer to get her bearings on surfaces that aren’t in direct contact with solid ground, if she can do it at all. 

And she’s also one of the most powerful, aggressive, innovative, and overall formidable, not to mention righteous and dependable, members of the Gaang. It’s not in spite of her being blind. It’s also not because of it. Toph is disabled. She’s also awesome. The two are not mutually exclusive.



Still the queen.

Working on backlogged requests: Aang and Toph building statues.

While I am unsure if either Aang or Toph built their respective memorial statues (Toph probably did tho), I think in the duration of their friendship they’d have gotten into contests with each other, not so much to compete but to learn from one another. And because they’re bros.







I don’t understand

What went through Shyamalan’s mind when he did this scene

I don’t understand

what went through Shyamalan’s mind through the making of the entire movie

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burn all the copies


hey guys if you watch the first gif enough times, it actually becomes very comical

i mean that many guys go through all that effort just to move that one, rather mediocre rock, and not even at an impressive speed or amount of power

its so pathetic that it’s comical. 

and like where is the rock even coming from?

why can’t I shake the feeling that there’s some half-way competent earthbender just off screen who kind of tosses it for them to make them feel better about themselves?