12:05am April 27, 2012

“Sometimes I forget that misha collins is an actual real person.”

— My sister
10:51pm April 25, 2012

Watching SPN 7x17

  • bramblepatch: cassssss
  • bramblepatch: come to my arms
  • bramblepatch: let me hold you angel bby
  • karaluvssherlock: haha
  • karaluvssherlock: cas does need hugs
  • bramblepatch: "I don't remember how"
  • bramblepatch: "I'm sure it's in there. Just like riding a bike"
  • bramblepatch: "I don't know how to do that, either"
  • karaluvssherlock: he is so kawaii desu
  • karaluvssherlock: i don't even know what that means
6:19pm April 15, 2012
  • karaluvssherlock: see this is why you should not know too much about things when you watch spn
  • karaluvssherlock: it just leads to anger
  • karaluvssherlock: and anger leads to hate
  • karaluvssherlock: and hate leads to whatever
9:42pm April 10, 2012

Hey Kara remember that one time you had that Sim who died because he was too hungry to sleep and too tired to eat?

5:23pm April 9, 2012

Trollshipping Characters Who Are Not Trolls: Supernatural Edition

  • karaluvssherlock: maybe it doesn't directly translate because sam and dean are humans and cas is a fucking angel and therefore doesn't have any normal romantic inclinations
  • bramblepatch: yeah
  • bramblepatch: plus
  • bramblepatch: I think cas is kind of
  • bramblepatch: pale for everything?
  • bramblepatch: Ever?
  • karaluvssherlock: like that's his job
  • karaluvssherlock: he's an angel of the lord
  • bramblepatch: as he is fond of reminding people
  • bramblepatch: to be fair it is a pretty bitching job title
10:52pm April 8, 2012
  • karaluvssherlock: you know what bothers me?
  • karaluvssherlock: misha's lips
  • karaluvssherlock: someone get that man some chapstick
6:22pm April 4, 2012
  • karaluvssherlock: you can skip to the end
  • karaluvssherlock: just read the last couple paragraphs
  • bramblepatch: woman you are interupting my gamzeefeels
  • karaluvssherlock: your always having gamzeefeels
  • karaluvssherlock: they can wait
9:24pm April 1, 2012
  • bramblepatch: no but my Sherlock OTP is Irene/Molly and I'm not even sure why
  • karaluvssherlock: I still like Sherlolly
  • bramblepatch: ...can we make it an OT3?
  • karaluvssherlock: Sure
  • karaluvssherlock: I'm not really sure what the dynamic in that would be though
  • bramblepatch: I could see it as that all three possible couples were things that were happening but they don't necessarily function as a triad?
  • bramblepatch: So in the course of the week Sherlock and Irene go on an ADVENTURE DATE
  • bramblepatch: and then Sherlock and Molly have a quiet dinner and watch trash TV
  • bramblepatch: and then Molly and Irene make out and possibly gossip about Sherlock
  • karaluvssherlock: Shannon when you are not busy writing homestuck fanfic you should write that
  • bramblepatch: meanwhile John is wondering why he has to keep track of Sherlock's social schedule
  • karaluvssherlock: also John is still having his series of fairly brief and unsucessful relationships
  • karaluvssherlock: and is like how the f does Sherlock have two girlfriends
  • bramblepatch: how the f does Sherlock have two girlfriends who are also each other's girlfriends
  • karaluvssherlock: how does taht even happen
  • karaluvssherlock: how is this my life