prayforpredators replied your post Natiko Kinbod by bramblepatch featuring tye dye t shirtsMore fantrolls who have been mentioned only in passing - a lowblood this time.

Bramble this one looks like someone I should draw- how about some deets?

Natiko has introduced himself a little over on the ask blog. He’s one of those really rare trolls who actually manages to survive for more than a few weeks living feral; he’s a bit over ten sweeps old and has been living rough for the past two sweeps.

He’s tall, broad-shouldered, but really kind of scrawny. Very straight, thin hair, worn long enough that he usually pulls it back in a ponytail. Kind of bulb-shaped horns - thickest a couple inches from his skull, and then tapering to a point.

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Arsast<3Vollue orrrrr Rossan<3anyone

He gives her a hand up as they climb through the service hatch - there’s no respectable entry to this block that isn’t submerged, but Sephar found this back entrance ages ago and told him about it - and they emerge into the open space, smelling of repeatedly filtered and treated salt water from the pool that takes up much of the floor and seeming even more open because of the arc of thick, clear plasglass that makes up the ceiling. “It’s not a proper planetary sky,” he says, a little apologetic for the obvious fault, “I mean, for one thing, the constellations are entirely wrong from here…”

Vollue wraps an arm around his shoulders and pulls him snug to her side, without looking away from the starfield. “Sassy? Shut up. It’s wonderful.”

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fuck yeah dinosaur names

see it started when I was like seventeen and dad let me use his old work laptop when we went to this big church meeting on the other side of the country and I’d just read Jurassic Park for the first time so I decided it was Procompsognathus and the desktop at home, also rather outdated, was Tyrannosaurus rex. Because the laptop was small and stupid and the desktop was big and stupid.

Since then I’ve had Archaeopteryx and Ichthyornis, and now Graciliraptor.

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you will always be my theo enk

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There is no way I’m not Disciple is there? {im cat} {prrrrr}

No possible way you are not Disciple

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ooooh i wanna be tav in his dress! :o

Honestly if you had not called a troll boy in a dress I would be a little worried

prayforpredators answered your question: FRANDS?

is there a god tier aradia or Handmaid? mOuOm

One God Tier Aradia, coming right up!

May I have one for my jadescribe blog? (Since that one’s my homestuck blog, and all…)

Why soitainly. How’s a jade pixel for jadescribe sound?

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Oh. Oooh.

We’re assuming caliginous/cherubicromantic, I take it? I like. Handmaid’s got nothing but resentment for her “master,” and also has never really encountered anyone who she could actually fight back against. Caliborn’s default setting is confrontational, but he doesn’t have any real experience dealing with people face-to-face.

I foresee a couple of freakishly powerful teenagers having the most ridiculous sissy slap-fight.