Okay let me get a couple of things straight. 

First of all why should I pursue anything? Humans aren’t supposed to get caught up in all that icky black romance bullshit, remember? Man where have you even been? I’m not interested in that quadrant. Humans just aren’t. Go do some research before you try to play matchmaker next time. 

And even if I were interested—hell, especially if I were interested, you don’t just go around getting poor assholes’ hopes up. It’s called exaggeration, Vantas is just being a dick because I’m obnoxious and he’s sick of Makara complaining. 

So it’s a good thing I’m not actually interested, or that would have been a pretty dick move. Way to be a jackass, anon. Don’t pull that shit on someone less thick skinned than me, or they’re likely to get their poor little feelings hurt.